It is actually something normal to see Smartphone companies and their marketing departments taking jab on each others via social media feed from time to time. Usually, they are funny innocent bits, but sometimes we spot a joke that is so bad it’s actually funny.

Tecno mocks Samsung in latest Phantom X promo

Tecno, a manufacturer popular with its affordable devices in developing markets. For some reason, the Twitter account asked its users to “try something new” and not to “repeat the samesong”, obviously as a dig at Samsung. It’s part of the marketing push for the new Phantom X, urging consumers to buy the phone with a “brand-new design”.

Tecno Phantom X Launched 1

This is a bold attempt from the subsidiary of Transsion to pick on Samsung – the biggest smartphone maker in the world. The company might be imagining itself as David in the battle vs Goliath, but we do not understand where it comes from. The Tecno Phantom X has a centered vertical camera setup on the back with the LED flash on the side – something Samsung brought back in 2018 with the Galaxy S9 series.

Samsung Galaxy S9


More likely than not, however this is just an attention seeker – picking up a battle with the big guns in the hope that people take notice of you.


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