Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3 at its Galaxy Unpacked event held in August this year. Now, the Korean company has joined hands with Dr. Denim in Australia to launch a pair of jeans called Z Flip Pocket Denim. It has a dedicated pocket to hold a Galaxy Z Flip3 in folded mode.

Samsung launches Jeans with a Dedicated Pocket for the Galaxy Z Flip3

The pair of trousers feature a tiny pocket on the right thigh of the pants. Although the dedicated pocket can “snugly fit the new Galaxy Z Flip3”, the trousers do not come with any other pockets, which is pretty bizarre! All the other pockets are either sealed off with a “Z” branding or are removed entirely. You can check out the official promo video of the Z Flip Pocket Denim right below.

Now, despite the customized pocket for the Galaxy Z Flip3, the fact that the pair of jeans does not come with any other pockets is a bummer. Yes, the Z Flip pocket could come in handy to easily pull out the device without hunting for it inside big pockets, Samsung could have added the other pockets, just for the added convenience. However, the company says that big pockets “take up too much space, they don’t look stylish, and the latest phones slip and slide inside them.”

Z Flip Pocket Denim Price and Availability

The Z Flip Pocket Denim currently goes for AU$1,499 (~NGN454,336). Are you surprised? Well, the company will deliver the pair of trousers alongside a 128GB Galaxy Z Flip3, presumably, inside its dedicated pocket. Hence, the shocking price tag. So, if you think about it, you will be paying $499 for the pair of jeans as the Galaxy Z Flip3 launched at $999.

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Dr. Denim will produce 450 pairs of the Z Flip Pocket Denim, both for men and women. So, if you are looking to get a Galaxy Z Flip 3, you can go to Dr. Denim’s official website to get your device as well as a pair of Bespoke jeans.




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