Samsung Galaxy S22 design details leaked by a former employee

Big tech companies like Samsung and Apple are mostly hit with loss of important trade secrets and unauthorized release of information, even with an array of security measures and deterrents in place. The latest news is that a former Samsung employee has released the design of the upcoming Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus smartphones. This comes in the wake of the earlier leak of the more expensive Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S22 design details leaked

According to a report by a former Samsung employee with the moniker Super Roader, the S22 and S22 Plus have some key design differences from the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The S22 and S22 Plus will have a different camera design from the S22 Ultra, which had a drop-like design. There are also indications that the screens of the new models will be slightly shorter but wider than their predecessors, the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus, respectively. Both the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus will maintain a full HD display and 120Hz refresh rate.

Based on these leaks, the S22 and S22 Plus will sport a flatter display from previous models, while the slight curve at the edges is maintained. The displays will also be brighter than previous models.

These details add more fuel to the expectations and projections for the official release of the products sometime in early 2022. So, let us keep our fingers crossed to await the big news from Samsung in connection with the Galaxy S22 lineup.

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