Google Photos now makes it easier for users to access the local folder for their screenshots. There is now a large shortcut button that redirects the user to the screenshot folder.

Google Photos

The latest update, spotted by Google News Telegram group offers users quick access for screenshots saved natively on their smartphone and synced to Google Photos. This tool is present at the top of the home page in a rather prominent location.

New Google Photos Feature Makes Screenshots Accessibility Easier

In case you are not aware, before now, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen, tap the Library tab and then open the Screenshots folder to view the images. While this is in no way complicated, this new method makes it a tad bit easier than before.

New Google Photos Feature Makes Screenshots Accessibility Easier

To add to this, the shortcut button also shows the number of new screenshots added to the folder, so, instead of being ever-present on the home page, it appears only when new screenshots are taken, which is quite sensible since you would likely be looking to check a screenshot after taking it.


This seems to be one in a long list of improvements for the user experience with Photos. Recently, Google also announced a “More like this” button that can help users find similar photos without browsing too much. The app also received an update to change the date and time of a video or a photo.

As of now, it is not known as to whether Google Photos will display a similar button for other local files or just for screenshots, but, despite that, it seems to be making way to many Android handsets.

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