Few days ago, Xiaomi officially release list of third batch of smartphones to get stable version of MIUI 12.5 enhanced version. If things goes as planned, it will complete the full push in late December.


According to reports, the MIUI 12.5 enhanced version has been upgraded in four major areas, including liquid storage, atomic memory, focus computing, and smart balance.

MIUI 13 Is Coming Soon

Lu Weibing, a partner of Xiaomi Group and general manager of the Redmi brand, has last night hinted through Weibo that MIUI 13 is coming soon.

Lu Weibing said, “MIUI 12.5 is here, can MIUI 1x be far behind?”

Furthermore, previous insiders reported the news that MIUI 13 has changed a lot; and many system interfaces have new UX. The new user interface is running based on Android 11 and Android 12 versions.


In August of this year, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said that MIUI 13 will launch at the end of the year; hoping to live up to everyone’s expectations.

Last year, Xiaomi brought a new generation of MIUI – MIUI 12; one of the biggest upgrade points is animation and privacy protection.

According to reports, MIUI 12 is completely new and using underlying technology; and completed the technical architecture including the animation engine, rendering engine, and illustration engine, named Miyou Light Cone Motion Architecture.

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