Here is a list of devices to receive Android 12L update

Google officially unveiled the Android 12L operating system on October 28. The new OS is an Android 12 system optimized for tablets and folding screen devices. Now, the estimated release process of Android 12L and models that can get the Android 12L Beta preview program was spotted in Google’s developer documentation.

Android 12L unveiled

Android 12L Preview Phases

From this developer document, we can learn that the release cycle of the Android 12L preview system will be divided into 5 phases:

Android 12L Preview Phases

Phase 1: The first developer preview will come in October this year. The system will focus on early developer feedback and provide relatively few new features and APIs. Also, it will have the purpose of testing the early system’s new features and the compatibility of new APIs with applications.

Phase 2: The first Beta test version will be out in December this year. It is a test update for developers who have applied for Android Beta. The purpose is to continue to test the compatibility of the system and applications and focus on participating in the feedback of Android Beta developers. Apart from this, it will enable reporting the problems of these new SDKs and new APIs to Google developers.

Phase 3: The second Beta test version will be available in January next year. This version will confirm all the new APIs. Also, the new basic functions will reach the final stage. So it will begin the final compatibility test of the application, SDK, and library.

Phase 4: The third Beta test version will come in February next year. It will be an incremental test update, which is the same as the second Beta test version. This version will have the purpose of the final compatibility test of the application, SDK, and library.

Phase 5: This will be the final version of the Android 12L system. It will be out in the first quarter of next year. This version will be the AOSP open-source project that is able to release its own Google applications, SDKs, and libraries.

Smartphones To Get Android 12L

Google also announced the models that support the Android 12L Beta Developer Program. Interestingly, there are models from 2019, for example, the Pixel 3a series.

Android 12L launched

First bunch:

  • Pixel 6 Pro
  • Pixel 6

Second bunch

  • Pixel 5a (5G version)
  • Pixel 5

Third bunch

  • Pixel 4a / (5G)
  • Pixel 4

Fourth bunch

  • Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 3a

Android 12L will focus on optimizing the system UI for large-screen devices, including notifications, quick settings, lock screen, overview, home screen, etc. However, in view of the fact that there are no flat or folding screen devices in the test models announced by Google, it is not clear what effect Google’s test will achieve


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