Back in May, Google announced that it will be making Two-Step Verification (2-factor authentication) compulsory for every users before the end of the year, and we now have a definitive date for it.

Google Account

If you enable it, you will receive an SMS or an email with a one-time password (OTP) whenever the Google account is logged into, to verify identity. The process adds an additional layer of security to protect your personal data. Password theft is the most common way accounts are compromised and 2FA will be shielding against it.

Google Account Two Step Verification

Google is sending out emails and in-app prompts about enabling Two-Step Verification noting that it will be activated automatically on November 9th. The prompt reads as follows:

“After entering the password, you will need to complete a second step on the phone. Keep your phone handy when you log in. Two-Step Verification will be activated automatically on November 9th. If you want, you can activate this feature first: your account is ready.”


In a blog post, the company had earlier said, “By the end of 2021, we plan to auto-enroll an additional 150 million Google users in 2SV and require 2 million YouTube creators to turn it on.”

Mind you, 2SV hasn’t been made compulsory for all as of yet and Google appears to be moving users to it batch by batch. If you are one of those with Two-Step Verification still disabled for your Google account, then head over to this link for steps on enabling it manually.

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