DxOMark: Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera Is Not That Perfect

One of the key selling point of Google Pixel phones is exceptional photography among smartphones and the Pixel 6 Pro is not exception. The Pro version came with better camera compared to the standard Pixel 6. If the Pixel 6 offers the main module and ultra-wide, then the Pro version has a 48-megapixel telephoto lens with 4x optical zoom.

Google Pixel 6 Pro CAMERAS

Well, despite all these, the Google Pixel 6 Pro would have normally been expected to come into the market as the leader. However, the guys at DxOMark did not give this model the status of the best camera phone, although they noted tangible progress in creating high-quality photos. In the test, they gave the Pixel 6 Pro an average score of 137 and gave it the seventh position in their ranking.

In their verdict, DxO experts noted that in terms of photo processing, the Pixel 6 Pro is the best among all Android devices. So, in general, the Google smartphone is good, both in taking photos and videos. But still, its photos come out better than videos. Among the strengths of the camera, experts noted good detail in bright light and indoors, good shadow detail, fast and accurate autofocus, effective video stabilization, wide dynamic range and good exposure.


Among the disadvantages of the Google Pixel 6 Pro, they named noise in low light and indoors, depth errors and color instability, noise in video, errors in depth estimates and when creating photos with bokeh effect, as well as failures in autofocus in low light.


  • Good detail in bright light and indoor images, as well as in video
  • Good shadow detail and contrast
  • Nice and accurate color in photo and video
  • Fast and accurate autofocus in bright light and indoor conditions
  • Excellent detail in long range tele shots
  • Effective video stabilization
  • Good exposure and wide dynamic range in video


  • Narrow depth of field results in blurry background subjects in group shots
  • Noise in indoor and low-light images
  • Depth estimation errors and instabilities in bokeh shots
  • Bokeh blur effect not visible in preview
  • Ultra-wide camera not as wide as competition
  • Color instabilities and noise in video
  • Occasionally unstable video autofocus in low light


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