At the Guangzhou Auto Show that was recently held in China and one of the amazing products was showcased at the auto show. The product is an electric car is called Buick Smart Pod made by Buick a division of American automobile manufacturer General Motor. This is more or less a concept car that may not be hitting the market any time soon.

Buick Electric Vehicle Called Smart Pod launched

According to the company, the Smart Pod has a smart cockpit that integrates autonomous driving technology powered by the brand’s Utium Auto electric vehicle platform. It also integrates a smart mobile interactive ecology that will create an interconnected, quiet, and clean IQC intelligent mobile travel space.

As per the design, the Buick Smart Pod has a shape that resembles a space station, with an integrated front and rear design, with a through-blackened display and Micro-LED smart light curtain technology. The car looks like one pulled out of a Sci-Fi movie.

Buick Electric Vehicle Called Smart Pod launched with 50 inches screen

The smart features also includes displaying a dynamic welcome image when  the driver approaches. This car is also equipped with wide electric sliding doors, large-size parametric wheels, and an aerodynamic design that can inhale air to cool the brake mechanism.


In addition to that, the concept car is equipped with a VCS smart cockpit system that includes a 50-inch liftable ultra-clear retina display, and a full-color HUD head-up display that can be mapped to the side windows. The car is also said to fuse cutting-edge sensory control technology and artificial intelligence deep learning technology in other to achieve full-scene human-computer interaction and seamless connection inside and outside the car.

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Buick Electric Vehicle Called Smart Pod launched 1

In other respects, the Buick Smart Pod will have a pure electric range of 800 kilometers and will be equipped with the industry’s innovative battery management system. The car will also be able to achieve wireless connection and smart wireless charging functions, and to formulate a charging plan based on the current power level and travel plan. In fast charge mode, this car can increase the mileage by 300 kilometers in 30 minutes.




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