WhatsApp is rolling out a new status update feature which will allow you to “undo” status updates they posted by mistake. While before now, users already have the ability to delete a status update, the new update will make the correction process faster.


The development comes on the heels of WhatsApp’s move to publish a new status update about view once.

A user can already delete a status update for everyone. However, with the undo status update option, it will become faster and more convenient for users to delete a status update they may have either posted by mistake or regret uploading it.

Note that, when you delete/undo a status update, you can even follow the deletion process now: when completed, WhatsApp will inform you that you deleted your status update.

The feature is rolling out already to beta testers, and it will be available for normal users in the coming weeks.


If you are a beta tester, update your apps and the feature will be live for you.

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