WhatsApp developers are rolling out a new update is rolling out on their popular chat messenger. Users can now listen to their voice note before sending them. WhatsApp is also releasing a message rating feature to help businesses improve their messages to customers.


Listen to Voice Note Before Sending

The new update allows you to listen to your voice note message on WhatsApp before sending them. Unlike before that once you record, it automatically sends. But now, you can listen before sending your voice note. However, the sender cannot edit or make changes to it except you wish to delete it and record another one.

Message Rating

WhatsApp is developing new ways to evaluate the quality of business accounts. In this case, the latest feature is the ability to rate messages from business accounts.

When you receive a message from a business account, you can report it as spam if it’s an unwanted message, but you can also give it some feedback using the new option today.

WhatsApp gets Message Rating feature7


When you tap and hold a message from a business account, you can choose to rate it 5 stars or 1 star if the message is legitimate. When you rate a message, WhatsApp cannot see its content nor see who rated that message because your feedback is anonymous.

This feature is available for several users on WhatsApp beta for Android, and some iOS beta testers.

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