The Samsung Developer Conference began yesterday, and during the keynote address, Samsung unveiled its Cloud Gaming Platform for its Tizen TVs.

Samsung launches Cloud Gaming Platform for Tizen TVs

Cloud gaming is steadily gaining popularity especially since there are now big players such as Xbox’s xCloud, Google’s StadiaNVIDIA GeForce Now, and Amazon’s Luna in the new entertainment category. Samsung is now set to enter that category and it is starting with its Tizen-powered smart TVs.

Unfortunately, Samsung is yet to reveal the details of its cloud gaming platform, so no details yet on how it will work and what types of games will be available on the service. However, Samsung did reveal some other plans for Tizen TVs:

  • Video communication – Samsung says a partnership with Google will allow users to enjoy better video calling on TVs via AI-enabled focus and zoom features.
  • Samsung Health – Smart TVs with a webcam will be able to analyze a user’s movement during a workout and provide real-time feedback.
  • HDR10+ for realistic gaming – Tizen TVs will also feature HDR10+ with automated settings for low-latency and HDR calibration.

Samsung says it will also launch “Tizen for Business”, a service that will support interactive e-boards in schools and kiosks as well as displays in restaurants, airports, and train stations. Businesses will be able to monitor these displays in real-time and easily apply settings to multiple devices with a simple touch.

Non-Samsung Tizen TVs are coming


Samsung also revealed its plans to license Tizen to other TV manufacturers through what it calls “Tizen TV Platform Licensing”. It said manufacturers that want to launch a premium TV platform like Tizen can do so quickly and with minimal cost. The decision to license Tizen for TVs to other manufacturers will not only help the manufacturers but also help Tizen increase its popularity.

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