Pixel 6 event: Google may unveil its foldable smartphone and first smartwatch

It’s no longer news that the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will be unveiled on October 19. However, only these two devices have been making rounds, more innovations are promised, including the company’s first smartwatch, a foldable smartphone and a smart speaker.

Google Foldable Smartphone render

If this speculation turns out to be true, then we must respect the secrecy that Google was able to provide around its new products. Rumors that the company may release a folding smartphone and smartwatches have appeared on the network earlier, but there are no specifics about what the new items will be. We have only heard about the release of Android 12.1 is there in order to optimize the software for working with devices with a folding form factor and the new Pixel Launcher will offer a number of functions tailored to work with flexible displays.

As for smartwatches, they will almost certainly offer a new version of WearOS, co-created with Samsung. And also, given the emerging close relationship with the South Korean giant; Pixel Watch can offer a special 5-nanometer chip based on the Exynos W920.

Google smartwatch render

Which of these predictions and assumptions will eventually come true, we will find out in less than two weeks. We are looking forward to the presentation of Google; we want to understand how the sixth generation Pixel devices will turn out in the end and whether they will really become an event of 2021.


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