Here’s a List of Compatible Devices To Receive Realme UI 3.0 Update

At the launch event in India where it announced the Realme GT Neo2, the Chinese giant unveiled its next-gen Android skin called Realme UI 3.0. As expected, there are many similarities across the design and feature set of Realme UI 3.0 and Oppo’s ColorOS 12 – not a bad thing at all.

Realme UI 3

Now, if you are curious to know whether your device will get Realme’s next-gen UI or not, we have compiled a list of devices that will get the Realme UI 3.0 update in this article.

Realme UI 3.0 Supported Devices List

At the event, Realme confirmed that more than 20 devices in its portfolio are compatible and will receive the Realme UI 3.0 update in the next 9 months. The Realme UI 3.0 beta will initially be available on the Realme GT series later this month. After that, the update will start rolling out to other premium devices in the company’s portfolio sometime in December 2021. With that said, check out the complete list of Realme UI 3.0 compatible devices right here:

October 2021

November 2021

  • N/A

December 2021

First quarter of 2022

Second quarter of 2022

Realme UI 3.0: Key Features

Realme UI 3.0 brings along a new fluid space design with more white space, bolder text, and a cleaner visual experience. It also includes some of the new features we recently saw in ColorOS 12, including Portrait Silhouette AOD, 3D Omoji, and more. Read more about the  Realme UI 3.0 features here.

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