Normally, when you search for something online, you hardly go beyond the first page of results. If you are unable to get you want on page one, it’s possible your search string isn’t specific enough. Still, there are times you’ll move on to page 2, 3 or even more just to get the info you need.

Google Search
Google Search

As from today, the mobile version of Google Search will function differently. Now, when you conduct a search, your results will show as an infinitely scrolling page. There’s won’t be any need to ever reach the second page, because the results will just continue to load until there are none left.

Check out the video below to see how it looks.

Google has announced this huge change to how its search results populate today. It is rolling out today within the United States for English searches. Google doesn’t mention it, but it is highly likely it will come to other English-speaking countries soon and then gradually roll out in other languages.

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