Google introduced its Smart Canvas earlier this year, making collaboration during online work much easier and simpler than ever before using Google Workspace. The feature allows you to add the wide array of tools offered by Google, key of which are Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet to any document that you are working on.

Google DOcs

In addition, Google also introduced smart chips that allows users to include building blocks to connect people, work and events into a simple experience.

Google Docs: What Is New?

Today, via the new universal @ menu for Google Docs, the tech company is making it easier to add things like images, tables, in addition to the smart chips.

Users need to type @ while in the document, after which they will see a list of files, meetings, content elements, formats and people that are recommended.

This addition is quite major, since it ties all of Google’s online tools for collaboration in an easy method to boost the overall productivity, since users will no longer have to keep on switching tabs, apps and leave documents every time they need to do something.


In a separate post present on Google’s Workspace blog, the company has mentioned that Docs will now let users mark a paragraph to begin on a new page, using the Add page break before option.

The new feature makes a lot of sense for writers and journalists, who want for certain styles of paragraphs to create a new page, such as a title or a subtitle.

This new “Add page break before” will also let users import and export Microsoft Word and other documents that have the option applied to paragraphs.

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To access this feature, users need to go to Format>Line and Paragraph spacing in the Docs menu bar, after which they need to click “add page break before”



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