Facebook has today announced new group messaging features for Messenger, alongside the option to start cross-app group chats with users on Messenger and Instagram. This development is coming almost a year after Facebook started merging Instagram and Messenger chats.

Cross App Group Chats in FB Messenger and Instagram DM 1

FB Messenger and Instagram DM gets Cross-App Group Chats

Ever since Facebook introduced the cross-app messaging experience, the company says over 70% of eligible people on Instagram have updated to the new Messenger experience. With today’s update, you can seamlessly start group chats between your Instagram and Messenger contacts. These cross-app chats will also have all the customization features like chat themes and custom reactions.

Another improvement to group chats is the addition of group typing indicators. As the name suggests, you can now see when others are typing on Messenger. These indicators should work across Messenger and Instagram group chats.

Cross App Group Chats in FB Messenger and Instagram DM

Aside these, Facebook has added the option to create polls on Instagram. These polls will work in Instagram DMs and group chats across Messenger and Instagram. That said, you’ll likely need to upgrade to the Messenger experience to see polls on Instagram.


Other changes to Messenger include a bunch of new chat themes like Cottagecore and Astrology. Facebook also expanded Messenger’s Watch Together feature to Instagram. To get started, all you have to do is start a video chat, find the posts you want to share, and watch them together with your Instagram friends.

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