The popular audio chat-room app, Clubhouse, has rollout of two new features for their iOS and Android apps. Users can now enjoy a new “Music Mode” that will enable higher quality stereo sound, and the Search feature in app’s hallway section.


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Clubhouse Music Mode Feature

By enabling Music mode, Clubhouse will optimize the broadcast specifically for music by enabling higher quality and stereo effect. The feature will extend to both the speaker and listeners, and it even supports the use of professional audio equipment like external USB microphones or mixing boards.

How to enable Music mode in Clubhouse app

To enable Music mode, simply tap the three dots when you’re in a room, select Audio Quality -> Music.

Stereo sound will be available when using headphones, speakers, or a phone.


Improved Search feature

Clubhouse introduces universal search in hallway

The second change with this update is the moving of the Search bar to the top of the hallway. This should make it easier for users to access the Search function, and in addition to this, users can also wave at your friends directly from Search on the iOS app.

Regarding Music Mode, the feature will first roll out to the iOS Clubhouse app, and will roll out to the Android app soon.

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