Caviar unveils Gold encased iPhone 13 Pro, PS5, iPad mini and AirPods Max

Caviar has recently launched series of new customized products. The company has just released new gold encased iPhone 13 Pro, PlayStation 5Apple iPad mini and AirPods Max.

Caviar unveils Gold encased iPhone 13 Pro PS5 iPad mini and AirPods Max

In case you are unaware, Caviar is a luxury goods manufacturer who is known for making ultra high end custom versions of popular electronic products and more. Now, the brand has released new products that are encased in gold, which is a known symbol of status. The new collection of custom products are labelled as “Prime,” which are available in either “Gold” or “Gold Plated” versions, with the primary difference between the two being the amount of gold used and their prices.

The Sony PS5 Gold gaming console is encased in solid 18K yellow old with decorative patterns as well. Furthermore, Caviar even customized the DualSense controller, covering it with genuine lather.

Caviar PlayStation 5 Gold

Only 5 units of the PS5 Gold have been made and cost a whopping $350,000. Meanwhile, the more affordable gold plated version costs just $12,750.

The AirPods Max Gold is also made with 18K yellow gold along with genuine crocodile leather for the ear pads and costs $68,000 (Only 9 units made). On the other hand, the gold plated version costs just $5,910 (99 units made).

Caviar AirPods Max Gold

Arriving at the iPad mini, the tablet is built with 18K solid yellow gold and also feature four 4mm diamonds. With only 6 units being made, the starting price is $84,920. The gold plated edition costs $6,600 for the 256GB internal storage version but still offers the four diamonds, with 99 units available.

Caviar Gold encased iPad mini

Lastly, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max Gold versions start from $42,380 (9 units made). The iPhones do not arrive in gold plated versions, but arrive in a higher end Solid Gold Unique version that sports 55diamonds (1.8 mm each) that are embedded on the back and starts from $45,000.

Caviar Gold encased iPhone 13 Pro

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