TikTok surpasses YouTube in terms of average watch time

YouTube app the for Android, for the first time has been beaten by a younger competitor, TikTok, in terms of average viewing time. This is according to a report prepared by consultancy App Annie. This is taking place in United States and Great Britain. However, YouTube still remains the leader in terms of the number of audience.


Currently, YouTube has about 2 billion mobile and desktop users monthly, while TikTok’s audience is slightly more modest in this regard – 700 million.

Of course, the statistics are far from complete. Firstly, we are talking only about Android users, and secondly, if the “home” of TikTok China and its localized application for this region were taken into account, the statistics could be completely different.

One way or another, TikTok overtook YouTube in the UK in terms of view times back in June 2020, and the gap continues to widen. In the US, YouTube was in the lead until April 2021.

TikTok is promoted by the format of the application interface. It is optimized for vertical videos and can be easily controlled with swipes – this significantly increases the degree of audience engagement and, consequently, the viewing time. It is possible that the situation will change Shorts – a new project of YouTube.

The YouTube Shorts service has recently been available in new countries. It allows you to watch 60-second videos, is integrated into the main YouTube interface on Android and iOS, and is equipped with tools for recording videos and publishing them using a smartphone.

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