TikTok now has over 1 billion monthly active users

TikTok has announced that its proprietary video service has crossed an important milestone. According to the company, its platform has over one billion monthly active users. The immense popularity of TikTok has previously inspired YouTube and Facebook to launch similar services, which, however, have not gained such widespread popularity.


TikTok debuted as a service that allowed users to create their own short music videos based on songs available in the platform’s library. Over the past couple of years, the app has significantly expanded its functionality, becoming a social platform that brings users together based on their preferences.

TikTok gained particular popularity during the coronavirus pandemic, when more and more people were looking for entertainment that can be accessed from the comfort of their homes.

Late last year, the future of TikTok was threatened by a decree by then US President Donald Trump to ban a number of Chinese services. This decree was later revoked by the incumbent President of the United States, Joe Biden. TikTok does not stop working to improve the platform. Among the latest innovations on the platform, it is worth noting an increase in the maximum video duration from 60 seconds to three minutes.

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