TikTok and Instagram videos to start appearing on Google search results

Google is reportedly talks with ByteDance and Facebook to get the data necessary for indexing and subsequent delivery of videos from TikTok and Instagram, respectively, in search results. This is according to theInformation, citing sources familiar with the matter.

TikTok and instagram

The details of the agreements between the companies are yet to be known. However, a similar agreement exists between Google and Twitter, in order to let the posts from the latter appears in Google search results. Usually, such agreements provide for payments in favor of the social network.

A Google spokesman confirmed that the company is in talks with social media regarding the display of content from TikTok and Instagram in search results. There is no information yet on when this feature will be available.

“We help sites make their content available and benefit from appearing on Google, and they can choose how or whether their content appears in Search.”

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