iPhone 13 Pro Series may not have the 256GB storage version

As we draw closer to the official launch date, more information regarding the Apple iPhone 13 series keeps emerging. The latest information on the iPhone 13 series claims that the Pro series may not have the 256GB storage version. The report claims that we will have just the 128GB and 512GB versions.

iPhone 13 Render

This may not go down well with some users but this is not the first time that Apple is taking such decision. During the iPhone 7 era, Apple canceled the 64GB storage version that everyone thought was the most suitable. The company had the 32GB storage option and then jumped directly to 128GB storage. If your budget is not high, you may have to settle for the 128GB version.

While users settled with the 128GB storage version and were expecting it with the iPhone X, Apple made new changes. This time, the iPhone X did not have a 128GB storage option. The company had only 64GB storage as well as 256GB storage options. Of course, this forced users to readjust to the new storage options.

Iphone 13 series storage details

Currently, the 128GB option for flagships is very popular. Thus, many users find this storage option inadequate and go for the 256GB option. If this option will not be available and you may have to spend more to get the 512GB or 1TB versions. Below is the reported prices of the iPhone 13 series

iPhone 13 Mini with 4G RAM

  • 64GB storage – 5499 yuan ($850)
  • 128GB storage –  5999 yuan ($927)
  • 256GB storage – 6799 yuan ($1,051)

iPhone 13 With 4GB RAM

  • 64GB storage – 6299 yuan ($973)
  • 128GB storage –  6799 yuan ($1,051)
  • 256GB storage – 7599 yuan ($1,174)

iPhone 13 Pro With 6GB RAM

  • 128GB storage – 8499 yuan ($1,313)
  • 512GB storage – 10499 yuan ($1,622)
  • 1TB storage – 13299 yuan ($2,055)

iPhone 13 Pro Max With 6GB RAM

  • 128GB storage – 9299 yuan ($1,437)
  • 512GB storage – 11299 yuan ($1,746)
  • 1TB storage – 14099 yuan ($2,179)

Based on previous reports, the iPhone 13 comes with a very small notch display. This is the first time that Apple is editing the notch since its introduction in 2017. The reduction of the notch will ensure that the new iPhones have a larger screen-to-body ratio and a better visual effect. However, the size of the screen remains the same as the previous generation. This series will have three screen sizes which are 5.4-inch (mini), 6.1-inch (13 & Pro), and 6.7 inch (Pro Max).

The iPhone 13 series comes with more colour options than other previous series. In addition to the black and white colour options, there will also be a sunset gold and rose gold colour option. Nevertheless, these two colours are not entirely new to the iPhones.

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