In its new smart office product launch conference, Huawei presented many new products such as Huawei MateBook 13s/14s. The company’s consumer business CEO, Yu Chengdong, announced Huawei’s smart office strategy. The company’s strategy is committed to organically unite computing terminals, input, and output equipment, and other hardware with applications, systems, and cloud software to create equipment synergy, ecological integration, and data Smart office experience with a seamless flow.


He also announced that Huawei has launched a mobile application engine. The Huawei Mobile Application Engine integrates the application ecology of PC and mobile phones. It integrates a seamless connection between the computer and the smartphone.

Huawei Mobile Application Engine Lets You Run Android App On PCs 1

During the press conference, Huawei Mobile Application Engine was officially released. This feature allows users to use play mobile games on their smartphones. You can download your favorite mobile apps through the Huawei App Market. Furthermore, users can have access to the same apps on their computers.

Running Mobile Applications On Huawei PCs

  • Multi-window: supports running multiple Android applications at the same time
  • Open Android files: use computer software to open Android application files

Huawei Mobile Application Engine Lets You Run Android App On PCs

Huawei Mobile Application Engine Application Introduction

Huawei officially provides a software tool that can run mobile applications on Huawei PCs. All mobile applications come from the official Huawei PC application market. You can use the mouse and keyboard to operate online lessons, watch short videos on the phone, edit pictures and videos, play mobile games, etc. on a PC with a larger screen. Of course, users will have access to the PCs more efficient input. The multi-window display is consistent with the Windows experience and the vertical screen application is more exciting.



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