Google recently introduced a new subscription service for Google One, offering users a 5TB capacity network disk, according to recent reports. This new capacity stands between the previous 2TB and 10TB, providing a another flexible option easy for users that can’t go for 10TB but exceeds 2TB capacity.

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In terms of price, the monthly subscription price of a 5TB network disk is $24.99 and an annual fee of $249.99. By purchasing this service, users can also get a 10% rebate, which can be used in the Google Store.

Google Introduces A 5TB Online Disk Subscription Service

In addition, purchasing this service can also get a number of additional membership benefits, and support to add family accounts to use. The current subscription price of Google Google One service 2TB is $10 per month, and the monthly price of the top 10TB version is $50.

If compared with other brands, Microsoft’s 6TB online storage service also supports family members. The monthly subscription price is $9.99 and $99 per year. In contrast, the price of Google’s service is much more expensive.


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