You can now download YouTube videos directly without third party sites

YouTube is now testing an official way to download videos on your desktop web browser without accessing third party sites or apps. Before now, users always need the help of different third party sites to download from YouTube, but that is about to change.


At present, the feature is currently in testing phase, and if you want to know if you are eligible, you need to check out YouTube experimental feature page, and it runs through 19 October.

The experimental feature page lists any new features being tested, available to premium subscribers.

download YouTube videos directly without third party sites

YouTube Desktop Download: Supported Browsers

For the users who are opted-in, you will first need a supported browser – the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, or Opera (no Firefox support, apparently), according to Google – and then when you’re watching a video, you should see a small download button under the video player.

When you click the button, YouTube will download the video which can be watched from the Downloads section that’s accessible from the hamburger menu (the three horizontal bars) on the left side of the screen.

download YouTube videos directly without third party sites 1

There doesn’t seem to be a way to get the downloaded videos onto your actual PC, they simply remain in the Downloads section of YouTube, which may mean this feature is more of a way to watch YouTube offline. This feature is already available for the mobile version.

However, downloading YouTube videos that resides on your PC permanently is the best way for me.


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