Xiaomi To Ditch The MI Branding On All Future Products, Here’s Why?

Xiaomi has confirmed that it will drop the Xiaomi “Mi” branding and will instead be using “Xiaomi” for its naming scheme. Now, based on this report, the company is expected to launch its next flagship as “Xiaomi 12” instead of “Xiaomi Mi 12.”

Xiaomi logo

Xiaomi’s first product from the Mi brand was MIUI and not even any of its phone. MIUI is the company’s Android skin on its smartphones.

What Does “MI” Means?

The MI stands for “Mobile Internet”, and “Mission Impossible” – Xiaomi sees itself as a mobile Internet company that sets out to complete “impossible” tasks, which is something you’ll hear a lot in the company’s product unveiling.

The Chinese manufacturer has already dropped Mi from a lot of its products in its home country, so this is likely to do with brand synergy.

This represents a huge shift, as the company has used Mi since its very first smartphone, the Mi 1. The branding also carried to non-smartphone products, including tablets, wearables, laptops, and more.

In addition to this, Xiaomi is not changing anything about existing products. The Mi 11 smartphone, for example, will continue to be the Mi 11. This change only applies to upcoming products.

Mi, Redmi, and POCO are the three brands under which Xiaomi currently categorizes all of its products. Soon, that list will become Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO, changing the conversation from sub brand versus independent brands to three companies competing with one another.

A Spokesperson has provided an official statement affirming this new development. The statement reads;

“Starting in 2021 Q3, Xiaomi’s product series “Mi” will be renamed to “Xiaomi”. This change will unify our global brand presence and close the perception gap between the brand and its products. This change may take some time to take effect in all regions.

With the introduction of the new brand identity, two distinct product series will sit beneath the parent brand. Xiaomi products represent the pinnacle of technology and offer a premium experience. Redmi products bring big innovation at a more accessible price point and are aimed at younger audience. This differentiation is also reflected in our updated logos, with both the Xiaomi and Redmi logotypes under the parent brand logo.

The product series naming convention — Xiaomi and Redmi — will also be applied to our ecosystem and IoT products over time.”


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