Xiaomi Mi Care Repair Services To Arrive Other Markets Soon

Back in November, Xiaomi launched the Mi Care service in China and now, the company is about rolled out to Europe and other international markets. A new trademark filing by the company in Costa Rica might indicate that Xiaomi is planning to establish these repair centers in Europe and the Americas.

Xiaomi Mi Care Service

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has seen its fortunes blossom with a substantial market share both in China and overseas. It has continued to expand since 2018 when the popular Mi range of affordable and tech-friendly smartphones debuted in Europe, partly due to the competitive price/quality ratio that Xiaomi manages to deliver always.

The Xiaomi Mi Care is a comprehensive online after-sales service, with a warranty available. For a small additional amount, users can Insure their device including coverage for two screen replacements per year. You also get an extra year of warranty (3 years instead of 2 years) and a discount coupon to swap the device for another model after one year.

Xiaomi Mi Care Services

Xiaomi has seen a meteoric rise in its fortunes globally possibly as a result of its unique business model which has seen it establish the Mi Care and experience center for after-sales services across China, with plans afoot to scale up the operation and expand to Europe. The care and Warranty service is a hub for providing solutions to a wide array of issues relating to repairs, customer support, and all other aspects of the Mi service architecture. This after-sales service increases the chance that customers will make subsequent purchases.

The European incursion of the Mi Care and Warranty service will bring the company closer to its bubbling European customers, yielding the opportunity of a greater share of the market. Xiaomi comes well-kitted for the service center as it has garnered several awards for excellent service delivery across its centers in China, as well as the Mi Store in parts of Asia, including India.


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