Windows 11: It’s Harder To Switch Default Edge Browser

With Microsoft Windows 11, it is more tedious to switch default browsers. The latest build of the upcoming OS would make it even harder to switch browsers while also ignoring browser defaults in different areas.

Microsoft Edge

According TheVerge, the Microsoft is working on bringing a lot of positive changes to the Windows 11 UI to improve user experience. However, the company is making certain changes that makes the default browser even harder to switch out for any other third party browser. In other words, those who use Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi, or others might face inconveniences while switching to other browsers on Windows 11.

The way that the American company made it harder to switch out the default Edge browser is through the OS itself. Similar to Windows 10, installing a new browser and opening a web link for the first time will offers users an easy switch browsers option. Although, this is the only easy way to switch browsers. If a user does not enable the “always use this app,” Microsoft Edge will remain as the default system browser. While in Windows 10, simply forgetting to enable this might have offered you this prompt every time you opened a link, Windows 11 has now changed this and made it even more difficult for the users.

Switching Default Edge Browser

Now, you need to go the settings to set defaults by file or link type, instead of a simple single switch.

It is Harder To Switch Default Edge Browser

Taking Google Chrome as an example, you have to now change the default file type for HTM, HTML, PDF, SHTML, SVG, WEBP, XHT, XHTML, FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS individually to Chrome rather than a single switch. This makes the process of switching unnecessarily complex and time consuming.

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