WhatsApp Is Working On Messages Disappearing After 90 Days, Link Preview

WhatsApp keeps releasing new updates new features to its instant messaging platform. And now again, its set to add more features that will enhance its usability.


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Disappearing Messages in 90 Days

Towards the end of last year, WhatsApp introduced messages that disappear after 7 days. A couple of months ago it also started work on “view once” messages, that are gone forever after you viewed them once, as the name handily implies. Now, it is bring another.

Now it turns out that WhatsApp is also going to add another option for message expiry, and that’s 90 days. Yes, disappearing messages can expire after 90 days, in a future update.

These updates are currently available on beta, when they are out of beta, users will get a menu similar to the screenshot below, where you can pick between “Off” (so messages never disappear), or choose to have your chats disappear after 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days.

Disappearing Messages in 90 Days

Chat Migration

WhatsApp is also rolling out a new feature to migrate your chat history from iOS to Android! How to check if it’s already available for your WhatsApp account? Just open WhatsApp Settings from iOS -> Chats and if you see “Move chats to Android”, it means it’s already enabled for your account!

WhatsApp Chat Migration

Large Link Preview

Another feature that is also rolling out to the beta users is large link preview. When you get this feature, any link shared with you will first of all show the preview of what it contains. Share a link to see if the feature is already available for you.


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