Here’s The List Of Xiaomi and Redmi Laptops That Will Get Windows 11 Update

Xiaomi is one of the few smartphone manufacturers that also makes laptops. All the notebooks sold by the company are powered by Windows 10. As Microsoft is now set to release Windows 11 this holiday season, Xiaomi has officially released the list of Mi Notebooks and RedmiBooks eligible for the latest version of Windows.

RedmiBook 14 II
RedmiBook 14 II

Towards the end of June Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 and just few days later, it started rolling out Insider builds. Since then, the firm has continue to polish the upcoming version of its operating system before its official release later this year.

Ahead of the Windows 11 stable rollout, Xiaomi has disclosed the list of its laptops, which will be getting the update. Below-listed are the Mi Notebooks and RedmiBooks that will be receiving Windows 11.

Eligible Xiaomi’s Laptops That Supports Windows 11

Mi Notebook Series

  • Mi Notebook Pro 14
  • Mi Notebook Pro 15 OLED
  • Mi Notebook Pro X
  • Mi Notebook Pro 15.6”
  • Mi Notebook 15.6”
  • Mi Notebook Air (Intel 8th Gen Models)
  • Mi Gaming Notebook (Intel 8th Gen Models)

RedmiBook Series

  • RedmiBook Pro 14
  • RedmiBook Pro 15
  • RedmiBook Air 13
  • RedmiBook 13
  • RedmiBook 14
  • RedmiBook 14 Ⅱ
  • RedmiBook 16
  • Redmi G Gaming Notebook

The Windows 11 rollout for the above-listed laptops is said to start at the end of 2021 and last until 2021. Also, it is worth noting that this list is only applicable for the notebooks sold in China. Xiaomi is yet to reveal a similar list for international markets.

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