PC Manufacturer, Compaq, Is Coming Back To Life

Compaq is the former PC giant which used to be IBM’s arch-rival in the 90s, and even one of the top three PC companies before its merger with HP in 2002. The company is making a comeback. Yes, Compaq is about to be resurrected!

Compaq logo

A teaser tweet by an account dubbed Compaq (@CompaqReboot) has hinted the return of the popular PC brand which HP discontinued in 2013. The tweet includes the familiar Compaq logo used between 1992 and 2007 and a caption that reads “Coming soon. #Compaq”.


There is no information yet whether the Compaq brand has been reacquired by HP. This is because an Argentine company called Grupo Newsan acquired the brand license in 2015 before ditching it a few years later. However, the location of the account is in Anaheim, California. There are a lot of tech companies in the city, so there is no saying who now owns the brand. Regardless, we are excited to see the return of the brand to the market.

During the time it was owned by HP, Compaq-branded computers launched under the budget category. It remains to be seen if that will be the case with its return, though it will be facing some stiff competition. Since it left the market, there have been new players including brands such as HuaweiHonorXiaomiRedmi, and Realme which are best known as phone manufacturers but have now diversified their product lineup to include computers and related accessories. Older brands such as Acer and ASUS have also significantly stepped up their game.

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