You Can Now install Windows 11 On Your Older Computer Using ISO

Microsoft has announced that older PCs running on a lower Windows operating system can now be manually upgraded to Windows 11 by downloading the ISO file. Users with older systems will be no longer be blocked from updating their OS, although restrictions still remain when this is done via the regular Windows update.

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This announcement was released by Microsoft on Friday via a blogpost, and it is bound to be well received by a wide segment of users of older Windows OS.

Although the recommended hardware requirements for the installation of Windows 11 remain, once you met the basic installation requirements, you can ultimately upgrade your OS to Windows 11 even though your older CPU did not pass the upgrade test. You can proceed to download the ISO file of Windows 11 and follow the prompts to install it manually. While the recently released hardware requirements for Windows 11 show that it requires an Intel 8th generation CPU or newer, the company provides the option of users intending to install the OS on older CPUs, of course, at their own risk. Aside from the Intel 8th –gen CPU, the basic requirements for the manual upgrade is a 64-bit 1GHz processor having two or more cores, 4 GB of RAM, and 64GB of available storage.

Microsoft has expanded the lineup of processors that could use the new Windows 11 OS including the Intel Core-X series, Xeon W-series, together with Intel Core 7820HQ. These CPUs will now be officially supported for Windows 11 upgrades. There are still several processors that still lack support for Windows 11. In addition, it is unlikely that upgrades and updates will be supported for devices in which Windows 11 was manually installed.

So, while millions of devices could potentially benefit from the manual upgrade opportunity, there are still others that may not meet the minimum processor and RAM requirement, while only a few will possibly go the whole hog to download and install the upgrade. Microsoft also says that there is a high possibility of system crashes.


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