Honor Is Set To Have Its Own Sub-brand

Having a separate subdivision as a popular brand has been of great help to many companies. For example, Redmi has been a great success for Xiaomi, same goes to realme for Oppo. Honor which was once a sub-brand under Huawei before its independence seems to be planning to have its own now.

HONOR logo

True, then the “parent” seemed to be watching the new brand from afar and tried in every possible way to disown the fact that it was his “child”. And then it had to sell it, so as not to destroy the “blood” and to allow it to get out of the US sanctions. Honor has continued its journey in the market and is already ready to give a start in life to a sub-brand itself.

The company intends to allocate one or more brands for different segments of devices, said the CEO of Honor the other day. The name for the first “sub-brand” is already ready and registered – “Xingyao Terminal Co. Ltd.” But apart from the name itself, there is no more accurate information.

There are only rumors that the sub-brand will be responsible for the production of wearable devices. It remains to wait for an explanation from Honor what the newly created sub-brand will do and what product lines it will be responsible for.

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