Samsung is currently the king of foldable smartphones in the market and it’s not ready to relent. In line with that, the South Korean company recently launched its two new devices — Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Galaxy Z Flip3 5G renders leaked to reveal design

Though the devices are yet to be on sale, they are available for pre-orders and it seems that the company has a winner on its hand after the poor sales of Galaxy S-series flagship smartphones in the past couple of years.

According to a new report citing industry sources, the two newly launched foldable smartphones from Samsung have already crossed the mark of 450,000 units in pre-orders, which started on 17th August and will end today, i.e. 23rd August.

It’s being speculated that the total number of pre-orders could reach 600,000 units and if the unlocked models are also included, then the numbers may even reach 800,000 units. Just to give you perspective, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 had 80,000 units in pre-sale.

The popularity of these new foldable smartphones from Samsung is high among young customers, which isn’t surprising. Based on the numbers from a mobile operator, around 49 percent of Galaxy Z Fold3 books are from customers aged in their 20s and 30s. As for the Galaxy Z Flip3, they account for about 57 percent of the pre-orders.

Samsung has been betting on its foldable smartphone lineup to defend its position as the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer, which is now under a serious threat from Chinese smartphone makers like Xiaomi.

So far, it seems that the strategy of the South Korean giant is working as intended. Samsung is the only major smartphone brand with multiple generations of foldable smartphone models already in the market while most other phone makers are yet to launch their first foldable device.



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