All Twitter Users Can Now Log In With Their Google And Apple Accounts

While some countries are having issues with Twitter, the micro-blogging platform is now waiting for anybody before releasing new updates. In a bid to simplify logging in to the platform, Twitter users now has the ability to authorize using Google and Apple accounts to perform the task.


The feature was first made available on beta last month, but is now much more available in many regions. According to those who have already tried signing up with an Apple account, the procedure is very simple, without passwords or email addresses, and signing in with Google even allows you to use the default avatar of the corresponding account.

So far, the procedure is not quite universal. For example, logging in with a Google account is possible from the iOS, Android and PC ecosystem, but with an Apple account, you can only log in from iOS (in the future, as the developer promises, the functionality will be expanded to computers).

According to some reports, the current version does not support any new authorization options. On Android, authorization with an Apple account is not possible, at least not yet.

All Twitter Users Can Now Log In With Google And Apple Accounts

Twitter Beta lets you log in with Google account

What’s more, it looks like it won’t be possible to change the password after creating a Twitter account with Apple – the page asks for the current password. The Twitter support section mentions the ability to unlink an Apple or Google account; but again, only for computer users – this feature will not be available for iOS yet. Google users have more options in this regard, they will be able to reset their password after unlinking their account.

It seems that the simultaneous appearance of support for authorization using Apple and Google accounts is accidental. The App Store instructions explicitly state that an app that allows you to register or sign in using third-party services; as Apple should always offer one of the alternatives.

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