Twitter Shuts Down Fleets Just After A Year Launch

When Snapchat created the Stories format, almost all the social media companies copied it. Some were successful while others failed to get recognition. Facebook’s Instagram, for example, even has overshadowed Snapchat, Twitter, on the other hand has been struggling. Fleets is barely a year old and it has already been sent to the grave.

Twitter Fleets

What are Fleets? They’re Twitter’s Stories. Or, rather, were. Not anymore. In an interesting twist, it turns out that some social networks may be more fitting for the Stories format than others, and Twitter ain’t it, as they say.

Twitter Fleets will no longer be available in the platform after August 3, 2021. The feature was initially introduced to get around a user’s anxiety when tweeting their thoughts, however, the company noticed that it was being used by people who tweet the most.

As mentioned above, Fleets was Twitter’s solution to engage more users on their platform, with a format where the content will disappear after 24 hours. While the idea behind it was good, the feature did not work as intended. It ended up being used only by very active Twitter users to amplify their tweet and talk directly with others. For this reason, Twitter has decided to retire the feature, and it will no longer be available from August 3, 2021.

Not everything about the feature is completely going away, though. Twitter is planning to introduce elements from Fleets into the platform. For example, the Tweet composer will be getting features such as full-screen camera, text formatting options, and GIF stickers. Twitter will continue to use the top of the timeline as a place for highlighting Twitter Spaces.

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