TikTok Users Can Now Create Up to 3 Minutes Videos

TikTok is currently the most popular social media platform for sharing short 60-second videos, however, creators will now have more time for their videos, as from Q2 2021. This change will make TikTok a fiercer competitor to other short as well as long video sharing platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and more.

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TikTok Videos To Last 3-Minute

The company announced the change via an official blog post recently. TikTok says that the expansion of the video limit comes after various TikTokers demanded it. As a result, the company has started rolling out the new 3-minute video limit to the masses after testing the longer video format for several months.

However, the 60-second video limit was also not enough for many creators. It posed a challenge for those who wanted to share videos on beauty tutorials, comedy sketches, or educational resources on the platform. This often led them to create a series of videos to publish their entire content and encourage viewers to follow them for the other parts of a previous video.

Now, with the support for up to 3-minute videos, TikTok aims to solve this issue and help creators convey their messages with a single video rather than multiple parts.

As per availability, TikTok will be rolling out the expanded video length to global users in the coming days. Once it becomes available for users, the app will notify them about the change, so they can take advantage of the longer video format within TikTok right away.


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