Realme To Partner With A Popular Camera Company

In the modern smartphone market, if you want a smartphone with a very good camera setup, the you go for flagships. Still, it would be good to profit from the advancements of some kind of camera brand in order to add value and show that “the hand of the master is here”, as a kind of quality mark and marketing tool to manipulate the minds of users.

Realme Q3 5G cameras

For example, Nokia picked Zeiss as a partner, and the same optics started to be installed in vivo smartphones. Long enough, and I must say, not without success, Huawei worked with Leica. After the United States banned the Chinese company, the German photo brand was not left unchallenged and Sharp picked up its nameplate. The Japanese were so generous that they even allowed the Aquos R6 to be re-released under the Leica brand.

One of the latest high-profile collaborations is OnePlus and Hasselblad. Previously, Samsung relied on its own strength to create mobile cameras, and now it could call Olympus for help . But the collaboration of the two companies is only rumor. Just like a rumor that Realme does not want to lag behind its colleagues.

On its Weibo page, the well-known insider Digital Chat Station announced that during the presentation of the realme GT Master Edition, the company will announce a partnership with a veteran camera manufacturer. He did not name the brand, but excluded Sony from the list of alleged partners. With whom did you decide to cooperate? Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Panasonic, Pentax and Polaroid? Or is it Leica, Zeiss or Hasselblad? None of the named. It will be Kodak. So, says another Chinese network informant.

The Realme GT Master Edition is known to offer a Snapdragon 870 chip, a 90Hz AMOLED display, a 4500mAh battery with 65W fast charging and a 108MP + 13MP + 2MP triple camera.


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