OnePlus Announces Integration of OxygenOS with ColorOS: Phones Gets Three Android Updates

OnePlus recently announced the merger of its smartphone brand with OPPO. However, the company will still retains its independence despite functioning as a brand under OPPO. The announcement raised up some confusions and several questions that begs for answers from the company. The company has tried to provide some answers and one of the major one is “what will happen to the beloved OxygenOS?”.

OnePlus Announces Merger with Oppo

OnePlus integrates OxygenOS with ColorOS

Rumors emerged that OnePlus smartphones will now run ColorOS. OnePlus later clarified that it will still maintain its OxygenOS. But then again, in a new twist, the Chinese brand has now announced the integration of OxygenOS with ColorOS.

According to the press release, the move is to leverage on the resources available due to the merger with OPPO. Obviously, OPPO has significantly more resources and a larger technology platform, tools OnePlus hopes to utilize in a bid to ensure each of its products can receive stable and timely software updates, while still retaining the world-class user experience for which OPPO’s software is known.

OnePlus integrates OxygenOS with ColorOS

Don’t get confused, the integration of the two top-notch OS may likely go unnoticed by OxygenOS users as it won’t affect the overall usage and interface. Instead, it is the codebase of OxygenOS that is integrated with ColorOS. OnePlus says that the move will offer a more capable team of developers and a treasure trove of R&D resources.

The company insists the global OnePlus smartphones will still run OxygenOS and assures that the build will now be on a more stable and stronger platform. Upcoming OnePlus phones will run OxygenOS built on the new platform while existing models that are still within the maintenance schedule will receive the update via OTA alongside the Android 12 update.

OnePlus Smartphones Gets New Android Update Schedule

Additionally, a huge improvement in OnePlus software maintenance schedule relating to the lifecycle of its smartphones was also announced. In this regard, flagship models from the OnePlus 8, including the T/R variants, will receive three major Android updates and 4 years of security updates.

OnePlus 9 Pro
OnePlus 9 Pro

This means the OnePlus 8 series launched last year with Android 10 will also get updated to Android 12 and 13 whenever they roll out while the OnePlus 9 series receives update up to Android 14.

The company also revealed that the first-gen Nord and Nord CE models as well as newer models will receive two major Android updates and three years of security updates. Sadly, the Nord N series, from the first-gen N10 and N100 will only get one major Android update and three years of security updates.

According to the company, all other flagship models before the OnePlus 8 series will still retain the previous update schedule of two major Android updates and three years of security updates.

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