Windows 11 Will Finally Bring Advanced Multi-Monitor Settings

Using more than one monitor in the current era is now a common thing and according to recent reports, multi-screen display in Windows 11 has been well optimized. Currently, there are some problems with the multi-screen display in Windows 10. For example, when using two or more monitors, if you keep the device still and enters the sleep state, the windows in multiple monitors will fill a single monitor. This issue will affect multiple monitors connected using the DisplayPort interface. According to Microsoft, it will tackle this issue later. 

Windows 11

However, in the leaked Microsoft Windows 11 preview version, the company has added a new feature to the system. This feature allows the operating system to remember the position of each window under the multi-screen display.

Windows 11 Will Finally Bring Advanced Multi Monitor Settings

In addition, there is an option in Windows 11 to minimize the window under a monitor when the monitor is not active. This is necessary so that it will not affect the layout of other windows.


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