Windows 11 Expected To Be Officially Released In October 20

Last week, Microsoft unveiled the Windows 11 as its next big operating system update. Windows 11 brings new visual elements, changes a couple of things, and adds Android apps support which probably is one of the biggest features in the new OS. Microsoft is expected to release the first developer preview this week. However, the official release date of the stable software is yet to be official. While we wait for that, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay may have somehow leaked the release timeline.

Windows 11 1


Microsoft itself also teased at an October release date for Windows 11 several times during its Windows event last week. Taking a closer look at a few images of Windows 11 strongly hints at October as the month Microsoft will roll out the OS.

Windows 11 hints at October release date 1

The screenshot below shows a Microsoft Teams message from Stevie Bathiche of the Surface Team to Microsoft’s head of Windows and devices, Panos Panay, saying “can’t wait for October!”.

Windows 11 hints at October release date

And the official promo materials from Microsoft on the Windows 11 website feature the date October 20 in the taskbar.

Microsoft unveils Windows 11 with updated UI and Android app support

The new Windows firmware will arrive as a free upgrade for eligible users. The company is determining some system requirements such as a 64-bit processor, a CPU with two or more cores, and at least 4GB of RAM and 64GB of Storage.


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