Discontinuation Of Galaxy S21 FE: Samsung Responds To Report

Yesterday, a report emerged claiming that Samsung has suspended the production of the Galaxy S21 FE due to global chip shortages. The Galaxy S21 FE is a low-cost flagship variant that is yet to be unveiled. According to reports, this smartphone will officially arrive this year.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Render

According to Bloomberg, Samsung Electronics has responded to the report that same yesterday. The company said that it is yet to make any decision on whether or not to suspend the production of this phone.

The spokesperson only said, “We cannot discuss the details of unreleased products, but the so-called suspension of production has not yet been determined”. The original report out of South Korea is no longer available. The web content has been deleted.

From the speculations so far, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (fan edition) mobile phone should launch anytime between August and October this year. Although this is a fan edition, it does not appear to take the same line as the previous fan edition. It comes with flagship features, unlike the previous edition.

Rumored Galaxy S21 FE Specs and Features

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will come with the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip of the S21 series. However, its overall appearance looks more like a Note series. However, the rear camera module design is similar to the Galaxy S21 series.

According to Geekbench, this phone model is SM-G990B, and it comes with 8GB of RAM and the Android 11 system. This SoC uses a 1+3+4 core design, and the super-large core frequency can reach 2.84GHz.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Render 1

This smartphone will also come with a 6.41-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh. According to the Korean Herald, the price of this device will be between 700,000 won ($629) and 800,000 won ($719) excluding tax. If this is true, then the Galaxy S21 FE is much cheaper than the Galaxy S20 with an 899,800 won ($809) price tag.

As we all know, Samsung’s “fan version” positioning is similar to a “semi-flagship”. It has a flagship phone’s functional design while greatly reducing the price. Samsung released the “Galaxy S20 FE” version of the S series for the first time last year. The Galaxy S20 FE is quite popular in North America and Southeast Asia. The global sales volume hit 2 million units within one month of listing and this was a huge surprise even for Samsung.

Looking at the previous renders of this device, it has a similar design to the Galaxy S21. The frame of the smartphone is slightly protruding, and there is an abrupt edge between the side frame. Furthermore, the Galaxy S21 adopts a “Contour Cut” design such that there is a perfect connection between the side frame and the lens.


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