Oppo Launches World’s First eSIM Smartphone With 5G SA Support

Today, Oppo officially launched the world’s first eSIM smartphone that supports 5G SA. Actually, we are not talking about an entirely new device. It’s about the Oppo Find X3 Pro that already supports the eSIM function at launch. To make this happened, the company teamed up with Thales to ensure that this device is the first to support the 5G SA network on an eSIM.

Oppo Launches World First eSIM Smartphone With 5G SA Support 1

What Is eSIM?

eSIM is an embedded SIM that does not need to be inserted into the smartphone like a traditional SIM card. The SA (Standalone Network) architecture is one of the mainstream architectures of the future 5G network. This network can achieve lower latency and higher flexibility.

Xia Yang, Senior Director of Oppo Carrier Products, said: “Through technical cooperation with Thales this time, we have jointly built Find X3 Pro into the world’s first terminal products to introduce the 5G SA eSIM function”.

Thales is a provider of hardware-based eSIM and eSIM connection management. Oppo’s first smartwatch with a built-in cellular network function, the OPPO Watch series, uses the eSIM solution provided by Thales.

Oppo Launches World First eSIM Smartphone With 5G SA Support

This time around, Oppo and Thales launched a research and development cooperation. Thales integrated its eSIM solution into Find X3 Pro. It also did some adjustments to the eSIM server adaptation, debugging / verification, and lots more. The network joint debugging is to ensure that the phone supports two SIM cards and one eSIM. This means that the user can simultaneously use the two traditional SIMs and the eSIM. Furthermore, the companies had to ensure that the 5G SA network is active on the eSIM side. This is the first-ever smartphone to use this feature.

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