No More Political, Alcohol, Gambling Adverts On YouTube Homepage

Few days ago, YouTube announced that it will be prohibiting certain advertisement types from the top of the website. According to YouTube, political or campaign advertisements, alcohol, gambling, and drug prescriptions are no longer allowed. This means that ads with these contents will no longer appear on YouTube’s top page and App homepage.


YouTube sent an email to advertisers and no longer allowed advertisers to book Masthead Ads for the whole day last year. Today’s changes are based on last year’s adjustments. When you open the YouTube homepage, the large ad that appears at the top is Masthead Ads.

A Google spokesperson said in a statement: “We will regularly evaluate advertising requirements to balance the needs of advertisers and users. Last year we adjusted the Masthead Ads booking process. Today’s adjustment is based on the previous adjustment. We believe that the new changes will give users a better experience. The adjustment takes effect immediately.”


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