Microsoft will be unveiling a new version of Windows on June 24. While it is yet to officially reveal what the new version will be called, there are speculations it will launch as Windows 11. Now, an updated support page for Windows 10 lends credence to those speculations.

Windows 10

A support life cycle page for Windows 10 that was recently updated has revealed that support for the operating system will end on October 14, 2025. That is about 3 months after its 10th anniversary. It has been reported that the support page mentions Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro (including Pro Education and Pro for Workstations).

Windows 10 Retirement Date revealed

This new development has led to the belief that the new version of Windows that will be unveiled next week will definitely not launch as Windows 10. While the name is still unconfirmed, Microsoft is expected to continue the numerical naming scheme, so Windows 11 seems logical.

The new version of Windows should come with changes in the user interface as well as lots of new features, some of which were expected to launch with the now-canceled Windows 10X.