Huawei Unveils 135W USB-C Charger With PD and Huawei SuperCharge Support

A new ultra-high-power charger with charging capacity up to 135W has been announced by Huawei. The charger is essentially made for notebooks. The new Huawei 135W charger comes with a USB Type-C port.

Huawei Unveils 135W USB C Charger With PD

The product, made for smartphones and notebooks, comes in a square-shaped design with flat edges. The white-colored charger has a built-in cable while the adaptor pin has a split-pin structure that can be helpful in changing the pin type.

Huawei launches SuperCharge support

While the charger has a split pin structure, it does not have support for foldable design. It has adopted a current contact design to reduce the contact resistance to support high current transmission up to 6.75A.

This new Huawei 135W Charger is a part of the Huawei SuperCharge Ecosystem and has the branding inscribed on the side, along with the icons of notebook and mobile phone which indicates support for both types of devices.

Currently, flagship smartphones from Huawei come with support for two types of fast charging — 11V/6A or 66W and 10V/4A or 44W. The integrated cable on the charger is made of TPE sheath and is 1.8 meters long.

Huawei Unveils 135W USB C Charger With PD 1

This same charger could also be launched under the Honor branding as it has appeared on 3C certification with model number HN-200675CP0. The upcoming 135W charger supports several protocols, including PD, DCP, QC2.0, QC4, FCP, SCP, etc.

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