Google Chrome V91 for Android Brings A New Built-in Screenshot Tool

In order improve user experience and app functionality, Google keeps introducing new features to the mobile browser for Android. Earlier this year, the search giant added the grid-view and tab grouping feature to Chrome on Android. Now, the company has introduced a new screenshot tool right inside the sharing menu of Chrome.

Googoe chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android Screenshot Tool

Earlier, while trying to share a web page from Chrome on your Android device, the share sheet menu only included the Copy link, Send to your devices, QR Code, and Print options at the bottom. However, in the latest version of Chrome for Android (build 91.0.4472.77), there is a new Screenshot option that has been made available to users.

Google Chrome for Android Gets A New Built in Screenshot Tool

Tapping the new screenshot button captures the whole screen including the Omnibox and all the other elements of the current webpage. The tool then offers options to crop the screenshot, add texts, and even scribble or draw on it.

Google Chrome for Android Gets A New Built in Screenshot Tool 1

The add-text UI is pretty nifty as it lets you add custom text to the screenshot, resize, reposition or rotate it, and delete it. On the other hand, the draw option offers 18 colors and six brush sizes to choose from. Using these, you can easily annotate screenshots within Chrome to deliver feedback on a story, share a section of it, and more. Further, the tool offers undo and redo options as well.

After the editing process, you can tap the “Next” button at the top-right corner to get options to Share (the screenshot), Save to device only, or Delete. The former will let you share the screenshot on third-party apps, while the middle option will treat the screenshot as a traditional download and save it via the browser’s built-in Download manager.

The new Screenshot tool is currently available on Chrome for Android v91, which rolled out last week. So, you can update your Chrome browser from the Google Play Store to try out the feature.

How To Enable The Android Screenshot Tool On Chrome Browser

But then again, in case the Screenshot Tool is still unavailable even after updating your browser, simply use the below Chrome flag to enable it;


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