First Preview Version Of Windows 11 Now Available For Download

As promised, Microsoft has released an official preview version of the new Windows 11 operating system. This is only available to members of the Windows Insider program. To be a member, you can register on the Microsoft website.

Windows 11 1

The operating system Windows 11 in the current version 22000.51 brings an updated interface, a new Start menu, taskbar, notification center, new multitasking functions, and, unlike the image previously “leaked” into the Network, is equipped with a completely updated “Explorer”. If the user’s computer is supported, then the parallax effect will be displayed on the Windows 11 lock screen.

The pre-build of Windows 11 also adds a new Microsoft Store, several fresh themes, dark and light modes, and widgets. Microsoft has also added Snap Groups Multi-Window and Snap Layouts. Also there is a voice typing, an improved touch keyboard with customization options.


Furthermore, support for the Wi-Fi 6E wireless standard is expected to now work fine with the appropriate equipment.

No Android App Store On This Build Yet

The build did not include the Android app store for Windows, as well as the Microsoft Teams app. Both features are still in development, and Microsoft will add them in one of the next preview builds of Windows 11. Some users who have already installed the official preview version of Windows 11 (22000.51) reported that they were able to upgrade to it from an earlier build leaked to the Web.

Microsoft has also released a list of known issues with Windows 11 (22000.51), which can be found on the company’s official blog. The most serious of them:

  • The taskbar may not be displayed on some monitors (will be fixed in the next preview build of Windows 11);
  • When installing Windows 11 as an update on a system with multiple users, “Settings” may not work;
  • In some cases, the Microsoft App Store Launch Button may not function.
  • To install a pre-build Windows 11, you need a computer that meets the minimum system requirements, and also has a hardware cryptographic module Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0,
  • or support for software fTPM emulators. Windows 11 preview is not recommended for everyday use.

Windows 11 Requirements

To get more details on the minimum system requirements for running Windows 11 on your laptop or desktop, click here.


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