Firefox, is a very popular browser that even has a self-developed kernel. Despite this, it lacked a self-developed translation function. Instead, you had to install extensions such as Google Translate. Recently, Mozilla announced the launch of Firefox Translations, a self-developed translation tool for Firefox. Unlike conventional translation tools, the translation function of Firefox Translations is completed locally in the system to protect user privacy.

Firefox Finally Gets Its Own Native Translations Function

How To Enable Firefox Translations

Mozilla officially stated that Firefox Translations has been officially launched in the Firefox Nightly version. However, users of this browser will need to manually turn it on:

  • Enter about:config in the Firefox address bar;Firefox Finally Gets Its Own Native Translations Function 1
  • Search for extensions.translations.disabled;
  • Set the option to false;
  • Just restart the browser.Firefox Finally Gets Its Own Native Translations Function 2

When Firefox Translations is enabled, a translation button will be displayed at the top of the web page. The function is also relatively complete and you can get a feel of it presently. This latest feature by Mozilla gives users more translation options. Of course, users can still opt to remain with the Google Translate plugin or have both. Whatever the case is, Mozilla promises that its native translation feature brings more security.

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